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MOLD – Mold samples for analysis are taken three ways: air filter (cassette), sample swab, or lift tape. The cost for each method includes the capture device, lab analysis and overnight shipping.


Swabs and Lift Tape are taken directly from visible mold and sent over night to a professional lab for analysis as for the type of mold.

Cassettes A minimum of 2 Cassette captures are needed to determine if your home has higher mold spore count inside the house, than outside your home. Therefore, as a control sample, one cassette sample is taken of the ambient outside air.  Then compared to the second cassette air sample of the main living area of 1000 sq ft. An additional sample is needed for each additional 1000 sq ft of common living space.

If the mold spores count of the inside air and outside air are about the same, the house does not have a mold problem.

If the mold count of the inside air is higher than the outside air, a mold problem exists. 

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